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Study Visit of young journalists to Estonia


Are you a young journalist? Would you like to spend one week in Estonia learning more about Estonia, Estonian society and the Estonian way of life?

In 2018 our country will celebrate its centenary. Preparations for celebrating the centenary are already under way. Every summer since 2014 we have invited 25 young journalists for the „100 Friends“ study visit.

This year the Estonian Foreign Ministry and the Government Office would like to invite the next 25 young journalists to take part in the study visit.

Apply for a Study Visit of young journalists to Estonia, July 30th to August 6th 2017!

DEADLINE April 12!

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„Any journalist likes to search for new stories, connect with other cultures and see the world. The "100 Friends" project is an amazing opportunity for that and much more. Through this program you can get a very interesting and dynamic overview of a country that, unfortunately, Portuguese audiences are not very familiar with. Also, you will get the chance to meet people from all over the world: believe me, a dinner might become a trip around the world. At a time when the European ideal is being questioned, I really believe this kind of initiative makes Europeans — and all the world citizens — come together.“

Amanda Ribeiro, participant in 2014


„In 2015, I participated in the "100 Friends" press trip in order to understand better how Estonia has been evolving during the recent years. The expected - having a full schedule, working hard and visiting many institutional organizations and entreprises - was more than accomplished, but the 'plus' was the unpredictable - knowing a portion of the calm Estonian culture in a high speed mood. Long days of summer helped, extra programmes and options in nature - like hiking and experiencing smoke sauna - were nice surprises. If it is one's first time in Estonia, I believe curiosity can grow fast. It is a misterious country, with several layers and an uncomparable nature where probably many of its stories are hidden. Apparently as a paradox, high-tech solutions put this Baltic country into the spotlights of the future. "100 Friends" week was a major opportunity to catch important stories and to encourage the beginning of long researches. Although I already knew the country, I believe this was a decisive period which produced concrete results: I'm still writing and digging Estonian reality as a journalist.“

Rute Barbedo, participant in 2015


“Who knows anything about Estonia? Ask your readers, or better, ask yourself. I can give my answer, one year ago: I hardly knew something. As a journalist, to be challenged to get to know in deep a country so different – and so less known – is a challenge no one can be indifferent. This is what made me so interested in the “100 Friends” program. One of the common setbacks for any independent journalist that takes part in visits of this kind is the lack of possibility to pursue some story out of the official schedule. Well, here I didn’t have such a problem. Aside from being extra nice, the organizers are very flexible and their patience seems boundless.”

João Ribeiro, participant in 2016


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